Juvenile Explains Biting Drakes Album Cover

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485-1-1Juvenile has denied intentionally making his new Beast Mode album cover appear nearly identical to Drake’s Thank Me Later debut, both released this summer.

“That’s a question the label gotta answer, to be honest. Us as artists, we really don’t have no insight on that part, man. I took a picture…[and] they took the picture and made it into that. I hadn’t seen – And you know what? If I woulda saw Drake [Thank Me Later] album cover before [Beast Mode was sent to manufacturing] and actually had control of it, I woulda stopped it. But it was out of my control, man. I couldn’t do nothing about it. That ain’t even my thing, I wouldn’t try to take nothing away from a younger cat. ‘Cause at the end of the day we all trying to eat. So I don’t wanna do anything to blemish his career – [or] make it look bad on me too… So I’m not really feeling the album cover thing myself.

I dont care about all that cover stuff, shouts to Juvie and to that hot boys reunion!