Kanye Beating 50… So Far

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      Even though the official Soundscan reports don’t come in until next week, according to several sources, Kanye West’s album “Graduation,” could be the number one album on the charts next week. Based on early retail reports, industry website, Hitsdailydouble.com, is predicting that Kanye will sell more than 700,000 albums and 50 following close behind at 550,000 albums for their first week.

      At Amazon.com, “Graduation”, is currently the top-selling album with “Curtis” at the #3 position behind Kenny Chesney’s “Just Who I Am: Poets & Pirates.” Amazon even has a graphic showing who’s selling more on their Rap/Hip-Hop section on the site AMAZON . In a Los Angeles Times report, Kanye’s album is also outselling 50’s album at all Newbury Comic stores and at Amoeba Music in Hollywood. But don’t expect 50 Cent to retire, he told MTV News back in August he’s not really going to stop making solo albums if Kanye outsells him. 50 Cent also has been putting it out there that if he loses, it’ll be because Def Jam will go out and buy 200,000 copies of Kanye’s album this week.

      Both of the rappers appeared on BET’s 106 & Park yesterday and performed select songs from their albums.


  1. yea the kanye alb is hot im sorry fifty but afta wangsta like you said money change ppl wat happened to farari bro damn i thought you was gone pull through kanye much love man i see you doin the damn thing man i like the alb alot you dig i mean you put in some real shit that ppl need to hear now days on the real its just hot wat can a brotha say i mean damn man fifty kanye money is made when you think about it i supported both and dont sleep on these two on my moms dont the swag that these brothas have is hard honestly they are

  2. That 50 cd n kany is both garbage kanye cd only has 13 songs n 50 cd is too commercial what tha fuck made kanye do Drunk n hot girls that shit was trash both of them should be ashamed bringin out those cds

  3. Fresh_Nigga810 i see you dont get know pussy after the club or probably at all. That Drunk and Hott girls is that shit. All that shit he was talking about is what niggas be thinking. When we be messing with them drunk n hot girls

  4. If these two arent two of the most talented mainstream artist out right now then who the hell is? Both of these album are “off the chain”!! I live in chicago and i like Kanye but 50 is a better all-around character to me although Kanye has his moments too.

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