Kanye Shares Some Interesting Anecdotes During Zane Lowe Interview

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Speaking on his relationship with Drake, running for president, and much more.

The final countdown towards Kanye’s Jesus Is King is upon us. In, hopefully, a matter of hours, the ninth studio album from the Chicago kid will be made available. But so many tangential narratives surrounding him — whether it be his mental state, antics, the Scarlet A he proudly put upon his head — have muddied the waters of Kanye patronage. Fans have questions. In a recent revelatory interview with Zane Lowe, Kanye provides some answers.

Hosted on Apple Music’s Beats 1 platform, Zane traveled to Wyoming to speak with Kanye on a variety of pressing issues; the juxtaposition of the remote location’s tranquility with the arguably disconcerting discourse paints a stark contrast. 

Over the course of two-hours, Zane and Kanye speak on his mental health, being a “son of God,” his relationship with Drake, the inevitability of becoming president, and much more. Yeezy went on to deem himself the “greatest artist in human existence,” and how him wearing the MAGA hat was “God’s practical joke, ” referencing how the irony behind the liberal public’s typical embracement of the arts.

Throughout the palpable hubris, Kanye also went on to say that yet another new album can be expected: Jesus Is Born, the Sunday Service album scheduled to drop on December 25th. 

You can check out the full interview here.