Kanye West’s Mom Writes Tell-all Book

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By: Rizoh
      Producer/emcee Kanye West isn’t the only one in his family with a resourceful mind. His mom, Dr. Donda West, is putting final touches on an upcoming memoir titled Raising Kanye. As the title suggests, the book chronicles Kanye’s upbringing and includes previously unpublished photos and family anecdotes.
       Donda West recently told the Chicago Sun Times that Kanye encouraged her to write the book. "There [is] a whole lot of mothers who are just as proud of their children as I am of Kanye. I am not that different from any mother that loves her son dearly," she said.
       Dr. West worked as the head of the English Department at Chicago State University before retiring to serve as Kanye’s manager. She’s the CEO of West Brands LLC, which oversees the management of all of her son’s enterprises.
       Raising Kanye, co-written with best-selling author Karen Hunter, will be available via Simon & Schuster on Mother’s Day.