Kanye West: “Most Rappers Can’t Dress Well”

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By: Rizoh

      Mr. West stopped short of dissing rappers who can’t dress well in a recent interview with UK’s Popworld. Mr. West, who moonlights as a fashion editor at Complex magazine, named Lil Wayne and T.I. as two rappers with decent fashion styles.

      Kanye should know. After all, he’s announced plans to launch his own clothing line, Pastelle, following in the footsteps of Diddy and Jay-Z. But West didn’t approach fashion and designing the same old fashioned way.

      “I had to learn a lot about clothes,” Kanye told Popworld. “People couldn’t do exactly what it is I wanted to do. Just like with producing and with making my own videos, I had to learn how to do it, so I could present the world with something new and different.”


  1. Some shit he be wearin be suckin just like every other rapper.Just because you wear a bunch of colors and match them dont make you look cool. Look at the picture he is in right here. Ecko got yall looking like clowns. Kanye the clown. Way to go Kanye

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  3. It don’t matter what it is its norderline WACK! I concur wit the first comment definitions of style and fashion have been Loose and retarded Lately, or boring and monotonous

  4. Exactly ASAP321. You sittin here feelin good that I got the clothing shit wrong. Its all the same shit clown. You probably wear that wack shit walkin around looking like a bunch of colorful gay boys. Yeah im stupid, but you stupid for actually knowing what this bum shit is. Dumb nigga

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