Kanye West Accepts Plea Deal In Paparazzi Battery Case

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Kanye’s hands are finally clean from his July attack on a paparazzi at LAX.

According to TMZ, West plead no contest to misdemeanor battery and had his charge of grand theft dismissed:

Kanye was placed on 24 months informal probation — meaning he just has to keep his nose clean.  At the end of the 24 months, assuming he hasn’t violated probation, the conviction will almost certainly be erased from his record.

West also agreed to 24 private therapy session for anger management.

Kanye also agreed to complete 250 hours of community service, and agreed to stay clear of the photog in question.

Kanye has to pay for the damage to the photog’s equipment and any medical bills he incurred.

Now that ‘Ye has to lay low for a while, maybe he’ll spend some more time in the studio prepping that next release. We can only hope he once again turns a publicly-perceived negative into a positive.