Kanye West Links With Lil Pump on “I Love It”

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A portion of Kanye’s contributions to the inaugural Pornhub awards.
When Kanye West’s name is involved, it’s never a dull moment. Yes, we’re all aware of his upsetting pro-Trump stance, his countless idiosyncrasies, the God complex–essentially everything that makes Ye, Ye. However, without his quirks, we wouldn’t be gifted his superior artistry that rivals anyone who’s ever graced a recording booth. This distillation of genius-level musicality and eccentricity has been brought to acute focus with his new song and video, “I Love It”, featuring Lil Pump.

Recently, after declaring his appreciation for and frequent usage of Pornhub on Jimmy Kimmel, the top-rated adult website named Kanye the creative director for their inaugural awards show–in addition to a lifetime premium membership. Kanye jumped at the opportunity, applying his creative mind to the porn world in the most Kanye ways possible: by creating a clothing line for the award winners and revealing his new Lil Pump-assisted video, “I Love It”.

Yes, it is weird. Yes, it is even a little unsettling. But, once you get passed the oddities of this video–like the oversized, rectangular clothing, the weird borderline creepy facial expressions sported by Pump and Ye, the highly vulgar sexual content–it’s actually a catchy song that enlists wavy production that structures the two’s fun flows and unchallenging lyrical content. Simply, it’s a fun track–no more, no less.

Kanye will inevitably receive flack from critics for the “interesting” aesthetic employed, but when has that ever stopped Ye from being his true artistic self? Personally, I don’t want to live in a world where that sort of mind is inhibited and compromised.

Watch the video for “I Love It” below: