Kanye West Makes Film Debut In Spike Jonze Movie…

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candids12_kanye1_phixr“Mr. Confident” himself, Kanye West took time out of jet setting around the world to hook up with film producer Spike Jonze last night in LA for the premiere of We Were Once A Fairytale at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

In the film, Kanye West plays himself drunk at a club acting belligerent and boastful, as he tells star struck club-goers that the song playing in the club is his. He then wanders into a side room, where he encounters a beautiful woman.

They start having sex and then he passes out on her leopard print dress. When he comes to, he finds himself in the VIP room with his pants down – he was hallucinating and f*cking the pillow.

The realization startles him and he rushes to the bathroom where he vomits what look like rose petals.

Don’t forget to click here to find out more about Kanye, and his newest venture, playing a movie star. You never know; it might lead to an Oscar nod…


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