Kanye West Orders $4000 Food Delivery From The U.K.

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By: Rizoh

      Kanye West will pay upwards of $4000 just to get a taste of onion bhaji, Ayre fish, assorted biryanis and pappadums, specially prepared in the UK. According to BBC News, the meal will be delivered from Wales to New York along with British Raj’s head chef.

      The 3,000-mile transatlantic takeaway will involve temperature controlled ice containers, a helicopter ride to Heathrow and a business class flight to New York, followed by a limousine to West’s door.

      West is part of a group of eight people being catered for by the south Wales restaurant via a music promotion company. The same company had previously ordered food from the restaurant for a Snoop Dogg after-show in London.

      Restaurant owner, Masud Ahmed, said: “It is unbelievable; I didn’t even know this Snoop Dogg man had eaten our food before. And when the order came in on the fax we had no idea who Kanye West was, we had to type his name into Google.”

Ouch! So much for being an international rap star.

      Here’s the best part though: If  Kanye were to walk in to the restaurant and order the same thing, it would only cost him $17.50.


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