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The thing with some people is, they just forget where they are and who they don’t have around them when in the throws of having a real good go at someone. Case proved when Katt Williams took a slap or two in Detroit on Saturday night. The story goes something like this, while doing his set, Katt started laughing at some dude in the crowd with a cowboy hat on with the boots to match and without hesitation, ole boy rocking the attire turned around and slapped him across the face. Sounds like Steve Harvey, who has also been victim to the scorn of Katt Williams lately, might have had someone in the crowd patiently waiting to bitch slap the father of 8 publicly.
And anyhow why was he rocking in the D without an entourage?


  1. haha damn nigga should know better to make fun of a dude in a cowboy hat, shit 50 would be still doing his little strut shit when john wayne shot him six times

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