Katt Williams Getting Sued For $1 Million

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Katt’s been getting arrested on a consistent basis lately, so of course it’s no shock that the comedian is now being sued.

Earlier in the year ONE of his arrests stemmed from an altercation that occurred between him and studio owner Marion Powers.

Well now Powers is taking it to the courts and is claiming that Katt stiffed him on a $28,600 bill and used an attack dog to assault him.

Powers says that Katt asked to meet at the Four Seasons Hotel, where Katt allegedly was there threatening to kill powers with a vicious attack dog by his side.

He is seeking $1 Million in damages from the incident and there’s no word on when the comedian is set to go to court for the incident.

It’s sad the only time we hear your name its got to do with something crazy and illegal. Get it together, comedy needs you.