Kelly Rowland On Little Wayne’s Sex Status And Empowering Strippers

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Kelly Rowland just did an interview over at the BB in which she discusses the sexual power Lil Wayne has in the studio, in addition to the rather raunchy nature of her single, ‘Motivation’:

Were you at all worried about the suggestive nature of ‘Motivation?’ It’s become an unofficial strip club anthem.

[Laughs] Well, for me, being in Destiny’s Child, we were very much about female empowerment. And that was because other women had come before us and empowered us in different ways. So I felt like I was in a place where I was coming into my own sensuality. There’s nothing wrong with that. Sensuality is a very empowering place as well. It makes you feel strong sexually.

Sigh. Rowland is giving the #Slutwave some powerful ammo here if we are allowed to rename stripper anthems/sluttyness things like ‘sensuality’ or ‘female empowerment’. However, it’s not all about the feminism; she also tells us how Weezy brings a serious sex appeal to the song:

There’s an undeniable chemistry between yourself and Lil Wayne, who appears on ‘Motivation.’ It sounds like you guys could even record a full album together. What is it about Wayne that makes him such a transcending presence on that track?

You know what, Wayne brings a lot of sex appeal to that record. With the things that he says and the fact that he is giving you the whole play on everything. He proves that your imagination can go anywhere. He’s great with that, at telling stories. I just love Wayne because he’s a true artist.

He seems to be really intense in the studio, huh?

Yes. When he loves something he just goes for it. He’s not a Hollywood-type person. He believes in music and artistry. I just really appreciate that about him. There’s no Hollywood B.S. about him.

Lil Wayne is B.S. free? Good to know. Check out the sexy (sorry, “sensual”) video for ‘Motivation’ below.