Kevin Gates Discusses How He’s Managed To “Still Hold Up” On New Single

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Another great record for the Louisiana artist.

There’s no denying that Kevin Gates is a household name, capable of creating both hits and introspective cuts — sometimes, he manages to accomplish both. And while the A-Listers are typically confined to “official” releases, typically manifesting on DSPs, Gates doesn’t need to adhere to the prototypical perennial star release mold. This morning, the Louisiana standout dropped a loosie for his rabid fanbase on Soundcloud, “Still Hold Up.”

On his latest release, Gates speaks on his emotional durability and elasticity, citing the difficult circumstances he’s overcome to enjoy his current success; somehow, he’s managed to “Still Hold Up.” And in typical KG fashion, his new loosie not only packs a conceptual punch, conveyed by his strong writing acumen, but it also is a speaker-rattling offering that will incentivize even the most somber to turn-up.

It’s unclear if “Still Hold Up” is a cog in a larger album marketing plan, but what is certain is that it retains the Bread Winners artist’s staple ability to impart a hit record with substance.

Listen to Kevin Gates maintain this difficult balance by hitting play on “Still Hold Up” below: