Key! Questions His Girl’s Intentions On “Miami Too Much”

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Why does she have to play with Key! like that?

Ah, Miami — a dualistic land that can impart as much joy as it does pain. The renowned party capital has a reputation for transforming any mundane weekend into a night filled with lasting memories; conversely, it can ravage its visitors, leaving them broke, jealous, and utterly distraught. On Key!’s latest track, “Miami Too Much,” he solicits a message that adheres to the latter mindset.

Assuming the role of a jealous boyfriend, Key! questions his girl frequenting the South Beach party haven, pondering her intentions and desires from the 305. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Key! unabashedly wonders why his well-intentioned love is constantly used to his detriment — he feels played by the girl in question.

A refreshing departure from the arrogant content that suffocates modern hip-hop, Key!’s vulnerability is ironically endearing, and will hopefully lead to a girl who appreciates him and his love.

Listen to “Miami Too Much” below: