Keyshia and Jeezy Call It a Day, Jays Girls Together

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By: Hot Gossip Gal

Keyshia and Jeezy Call It a Day

      Well she does. Aww poor Snowman..turns out his girl for the last couple of years got cold feet over the thought of marriage..not sure if that is marriage in general or marriage to Jeezy…I am sure BET are pissed as they would be hoping to make some reality ‘hood’ special out of that wedding for real.

Jays Girls Together

      I am sure this pic is going to sit prominently on the CEO desk…NOT. But for real why do these chicks go out of their way to let us think they like each other when we know they don’t. Maybe Beyonce likes to prove her point that she still is the hottest chick in the game and a forehead can’t take that away from her…or maybe Rihanna likes to make her squirm..knowing that she wont say no to a pic as that wouldn’t be good for the image.


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