Kid Cudi Upset With Motown Over Debut Album

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One of the game’s newest rappers Kid Cudi is pissed at his label Universal Motown over several spelling errors featured in his debut album Man On The Moon:The End Of Days which releases today.

Most of the errors appear in Cudi’s song titles and he expressed his anger through what else, but his twitter page. Cudi says:

“Rediculous., loaded my album in my itunes only to discover there r typos in my song titles. MAJOR FAIL on somebodies behalf at MOTOWN. im jus thinkin in my head, like, this is unheard of foreal. this has never happened in the history of music. EVER!”

For someone so upset over spelling errors, maybe he should have spell checked his twitter because last time I checked Rediculous is spelled RIDICULOUS, but who has the time to check these things even if it’s a persons first album or their twitter page.


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