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Well it looks like the rumors about a baby Carey-Cannon running around might be true. Not only was the Diva of all Diva’s seen leaving a doctors office in Los Angeles earlier this week with what is rumored to be a sonogram shot, but Mariah Carey has just called off her world tour which we know she just doesn’t do unless she has to. Have to admit when she was over here doing the X Factor she looked a lil shook, I had that down as morning sickness, but anyhow good luck to them I say. Chances are if it is a boy it will be wearing a suit just like its Daddy before the age of one. Nick needs to dress down every one in a while, it looks like he is about to tackle the economy on Wall Street
Talking of babies, I feel like Janet and JD need to communicate a lil better. There he was slamming Perez Hilton and bloggers for talking trash about his girl being pregnant and there Janet is dishing her dirt to Life and Style magazine, well one of her so called peeps is. I am sure someones head it about to roll.