KRS-One “Def Jam Singlehandedly Destroyed Hip-Hop” (Dope/Video)

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The title is a misleading because KRS‘s argument is one huge contradiction.  At the same time I’ve never heard anyone make so much sense.  Don’t listen to me.  Listen to KRS.




  1. AS crazy as I think KRS ONE is sometimes..He is no doubt a legend who also makes a lot of sense at times. This was definitely one of those moments. I totally agree with with everything he said. Especially when he got the part about slaughterhouse and all all that. I feel that way…way too often. Like dont get me wrong..Ima huge fan of Jeezy who is a Def Jam Artist as well…But I also feel that due to huge artist like him(Which Is Not to blame him) that artist like my boy Lupe cant get the shine they should be getting.

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