KRS One Attacked by Fan

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      Things got a little violent at a " Stop the Violence" concert featuring KRS-One recently when someone in the crowd threw a bottle on stage, hitting the rapper in the face and hand.

The rap legend was performing at a nightclub in New Haven, CT when a concert-goer became upset with security staff who had escorted him off stage and tossed the bottle in reaction.

      KRS-One kept a level head, telling the crowd at Toad’s Place nightclub: "Let it go. Let it go. When negativity comes your way, let it go. …Let this be an example as to how we stop the violence."

       After his right hand swelled up and became painful during the last 15 minutes of his set, the rapper was rushed by ambulance to Yale-New Haven hospital and treated for a fractured hand and dehydration.  Doctors urged the artist to postpone all previously scheduled appearances until he recovers from both ailments.       

       The old school rapper has requested that the fan not be charged for the assault. However, KRS-One’s management team and the staff of the nightclub advised him to have the fan arrested for legal purposes related to the postponements.


  1. We need self control. KRS-ONE UNDERSTANDS THAT. The more we fight the more we are going to stay the way things are. Keep doing your thing KRS-ONE. Peace and Bless

  2. KRS IS>>>A Legend and a Voice of this HipHop Movement. Disrespecting The Teacher is like disrespecting MLK in His time and era. These New school Kats have no RESPECT for the Originators!

  3. Im all for stoping the violence…That dude that threw the bottle should off Himself…If he had beef with security you dont throw shit at the artist…Thats what parking lots are for…Beefing with security…One…

  4. i say on the low if they see each other on the streets krs should pull a mic out his pocket an beat him like pm dawn to the break of dawn

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