Lady Gaga Has Got The Game On Smash

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Love her or hate her Lady Gaga is unstoppable right now, she is definitely not feeling any love lost from the Kanye incident which you can read about here. Gaga has made music history when she became the first artist in the 17-year existence of the Billboard Pop Songs chart to nab four #1 singles off a debut album. The Fame has spawned chart-toppers with “Just Dance,” “Poker Face,” “LoveGame” and, most recently, “Paparazzi,” a song she performed to acclaim at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. MTV got a chance to speak to her about it and she said “Obviously, I cried like a baby when they told me that that happenedIt was even more exciting because my dad had just recovered from his surgery, so it was kind of like this amazing moment that I got to share.” look at the interview its good stuff


  1. yes she looks beautiful but weird at the same time. her personality is like a combination of madonna, kylie, britney hahaha, it is so confusing.

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