LEAK Preview: First Impressions of Pusha T’s “My Name Is My Name”

11 years ago view-show 2,582,910

“Numbers On The Board”

Produced By: Don Cannon & Kanye West

Sounds Like: Various samples of the music from The Jungle Book arcade game. Also, the very definition of “boom-bap.”

Initial Emotions Evoked: Sophisticated ignorance.

Notable Line(s): “Come and meet the pieman, a must that I flaunt it/The legend grows legs when it comes back to haunt us.”


  1. Pusha’s being too dramatic in the vid for King Push. That silhouette thing? But what can you expect if Kanye’s involved?

  2. Lolz on that lightshow reference. I’ve read your impressions, and I agree with some of them. But the bottom line is.. this is much better than NWBTS. And I don’t even hate Drake.

  3. You’ve probably heard half of the songs in the album before the full stream was dropped. But it was an experience listening to the whole album, one track after the other.

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