Let Me Lick You One More Time

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By: Hot Gossip Gal

      Obviously Tip isn’t too stressed about his outburst the other night at the ESPY awards. Here he is in Hollywood with his ride or die chick …licking the sweat off her brow in his wife beater. All this at his private promo dinner. Dare I wonder about what was on the menu…poor Kat Williams musta misread the invite as he turned up in dinner jacket…so not one of those events


  1. Biggie said in ” Dreams of Fucking an R & B Bitch” I would rather fuck RuPaul than them ugly ass Xscape bitches!!! So i am agreeing with spitter is this what a platinum artist chick look like… hmmm

  2. What yall might not understand is them beautiful bitches yall be seein in the videos are NOT real homies. You can fuck them pretty bitches but why would you bring them home. They are ho’s. They will cheat on you. Get it. I mean look at Carmen homies(thats Nas old lady). She was pretty and she was a straight stunt. Sorry Nas. I like you man , but Carmen slept with you,AI, and Jigga. Pre stunt to me. Then wrote a book about playin yall. T.I.P got somethin good

  3. Do yall forget that she was famous first. So when TIP first start talking to her She was the star now that the tables turned he is staying true to his ride or die chick. And Biggie Wasnt taling bout her he was talking bout them fat black hoes. Tiny is cool she aint a dime but she is a beautiful woman

  4. big ups to carlito bragonti33. He just hit it on the head. Niggas always wanna live in a fake world with or without money!
    Niggas use your head. Oh and the one that the good lord gave. Not the other.

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