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(home of the cut throats)


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epic films and raw comedy


Backstory :


I (JUMBO) started out carryin records for my dawg MIXMASTA KD,

then he taught me how to mix and I started DeeJaying

house parties and hole in the wall after hours spots

in NE Portland.

My man Vurs and I played (basket)ball together and was

always talkin bout gettin down on some music, ya know.

So, he was working on a song wit my best friend at the

time who got shot and killed (Big Red RIP). After that

gettin down wit Vurs was destiny, feel me? We been down



I put out a compilation called Bomb Threat that helped

give birth to a lotta cats where I’m from. I put that

out on our label Misfit Records. We did guerilla

marketing until we got heard. I also did some

production to get my name out there. Then we was doin

shows like we had a record out, like three or four a

month seasoning our live show. Then Vurs went on the

road doin backround vocals for Blackalicious and I got invited to do

merch/roadie/sound assistant….payed dues, ya know.

Then Lifesavas got our shot-double duty working and started

opening the shows, rippin’ every night. That established

our fan base before our record dropped. 


Current project 

The current album is GUTTERFLY.  The reviews so far

say classic hip-hop album. We’ll see what’s really

good when it come out. People should expect to get

they monies worth, that’s good business.


GUTTERFLY is a phrase that my camp been usin since

92′, that’s LIFESAVAS swag, ya dig!

The record is influenced by blaxpoitation flicks like

the Mack, Coonskin and others ya know.


Funny side story- When we were workin on the record

the city got hit wit black ice on top of snow and

there was no internet in the lab. I needed to download

some guitar parts from Vernon Reid of Living Colour

fame. I walked ten blocks wit my laptop until I got

wifi signal sat a busstop for a hour and down loaded them files.

Yo, I had like three pair of sweats/pants, thermals,

skully, two hoodies, gloves and Tims freezin’…but I

got that song done and it made the record. This hip

hop right!? Scream out loud AaaaaaaaaaaaH!!!!!!



Purpose or one of the purposes we do it is, to show

cats it’s cool, hot or OK to be yourself dawg.

Somebody will relate, somebody will FEEL YOU. Hustle

smart, hustle hard…

As far as goin platinum, the game changes daily

man…I think a hundred thousand is platinum for a

independent now. I’ll take that. This goes out to the

majors who will bid on LS– we’ll give you hits, but we

gone do US. So come with the bread, we already workin

the career.



Is hip-hop really dead?

Where hip hop is…Mos once said "that hip hop ain’t

no giant in the hills, we hip hop -you and me." As

long as my people decide what’s 

classic, what’s hot and we not just accepting

corporate labels telling you and I what hip hop is we

good. We gotta balance it ya’ll. 


Three wishes


1. Get ten HI-TEK beats!!!!!! 

2. Obama for President!!!!

3. GUTTERFLY on your ipod,mp3player, in your whip, in the crib, in the club, computer, mixtapes…etc.