Lil’ Flip Responds to Credit Card Flap: “It’s Complete Nonsense”

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By: Rizoh

      Yesterday, we reported that Lil Flip was arrested for credit card abuse. According to his attorney/manager, Sandy Lal, the charge is complete nonsense and will quickly disappear. 

      “Flip had absolutely no involvement with any sort of credit card fraud,” says Lal.  “He never personally handles any travel arrangements. That is left to promoters and travel agents.  Any wrongdoing of any sort is clearly in their hands.  It’s unfortunate that Flip was a victim to this charade and his name has been tied to this situation due to his celebrity status.”

      Lal goes on to say that Lil Flip’s Houston criminal attorney, Stanley Schneider found that neither Flip nor anyone associated with him had any knowledge that a stolen credit card was being used by a person hired to arrange his travel. “A complete investigation will easily show that Lil Flip is innocent of all charges and is actually a victim of a scam.”


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