Lil B Suggests A$AP Rocky Stay Out His Way

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According to another media outlet the Based god is not playing with A$AP Rocky or anybody else. I would love to be there the day Lil B and A$AP Rocky crossed paths.

“[Rocky] doesn’t realize I’m like the young Lil Wayne of the generation for us, minus the money,” he added. “I been in the game so long, I got the most songs in the rap game, I got the most videos, I got the most views, I’m the most talked about rapper in the world. And this has been going on for years…. I just talked to Clams a couple days ago… Clams about to do my new single. He about to drop one of my singles off my new mixtape. It ain’t no problems because I go the hardest; I’m the rawest; I’m eating anybody. I don’t even want no problems. It’s like everybody gotta stay in their lane and don’t come in my lane and don’t come anywhere near my plate because we eating big in Based World. We doing it big, and they know Lil B is the rawest rapper ever and will demolish anything in his path, baby….” Lil B

Just in case you forgot what happened Lil B got into a physical altercation.