Lil Baby Chops It Up With The Breakfast Club

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The hottest artist speaks with The World’s Most Dangerous Morning Show.

Fresh off the number-one album in the country (My Turn), Lil Baby stopped by The Breakfast Club to chop it up with Charlamagne, Envy, and Yee.

Speaking for over a half-hour, the standout Atlanta MC took the opportunity to speak on a variety of topics and issues. From fatherhood to his artistic and personal growth, Lil Baby opened up for The World’s Most Dangerous Morning Show. Highlighting this maturation, the 25-year-old artist spoke with conviction and humility, all without ever losing sight of his outsized accomplishments.

For those aspiring artists out there looking to be put onto some game, look no further than this revelatory interview; Lil Baby drops as many gems as he does hits.

Watch the Lil Baby x Breakfast Club interview below: