Lil Baby & Future Make It “Out The Mud” In New Video

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The two stars are out of the dirt, but never forget where they came from.

Back in June, Future and Lil Baby dropped off their hit record, “Out The Mud.” Today, the two continue the track’s success by delivering its official music video.

Commemorating their mutual experience of rising from the trenches to enjoy international success, “Out The Mud” visually manifests their grind and journey to the top. Actualizing the metaphorical mud that structured their foundations, Lil Baby and Future take turns rolling around in the dirt while sharing tales of their storied pasts and current successes.

Imagery of their Atlanta hometown is interspersed with juxtaposing scenes of local youths and foreign whips, highlighting that no matter where they’ve been or where they’ll go, they’ll always remember who they are and where they came from. Humility meets extravagance in this captivating video.

Watch “Out The Mud” below: