Lil Cease a Stripper??

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By: Hot Gossip Gal

      Well it has been spotted by many reliable sources but you know how it goes, these vids never stay up long, but I am sure it will appear very fast and trust me when it does I am on it..that is if you really want to see it. Turns out Lil Cease felt the need to show his goodies in a room  full of his homies and homettes…but turns out the vid shows that only the homies (hmmm not sure if I should ‘pause’ that actually in this story) were excited by the sight of Cease’s pee-pee.

Bobby Going After Whitney’s money

      But I didn’t think there was any left. Wasn’t it only last year she was selling her drawers on her driveway? Well Bobby is now looking to have Bobbi Christina in his custody and is looking for Ms. Houston to provide him with spousal support as well as child support. What world is he living in?


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