Lil Kim Is Really Milking This Black Friday/Nicki Minaj Thing

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Lil Kim really needs to fall back. A few weeks ago she released a diss track dedicated to Nicki/Drake and although it got some minor twitter buzz it wasnt Junior Mafia Kim. Well now she took it to another level and has decided to do a video. In her defense she was also shooting a video for some track called clap back but honestly she needs to let go of the Nicki Beef. Its just coming off as bitter as hell.


  1. fck that kim go in on that bitch wasnt nobody tellin jada and them to stop goin at 50 when they did they stopped when they wanted so fck it

  2. Why should she stop? Hiphop is mad boring and this is one of the only things happening half interesting……Please let them battle it out and stop complaining

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