Lil Peep’s Camp Re-Releases His 2016 Mixtape, ‘crybaby’

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Rest easy, Peep.

It’s been almost three-years since Lil Peep tragically passed away. An intrepid artist credited with popularizing the emo – hip-hop crossover genre, Peep was a trendsetter, figurehead, icon. Known for such hits as “Awful Things” and “Beamer Boy,” the sensational artist’s style was as unpredictable as it was transcendent. 

And while he left far before his time, he fortunately recorded a wealth of music, providing ample content for future releases. In 2019, his camp released his first posthumous album, EVERYBODY’S EVERYTHING, which dovetailed with his expository documentary. Today, his team has kept his name alive by digging into the archives, re-releasing his 2016 project, crybaby, on streamings ervices.

Listen to crybaby below: