Lil’ Wayne and 50 Cent Ride The “Hip-Pop” Wave

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Lately it seems like hip hop and pop have become one. Even the rappers who claim to be so “hard,” are softening up to do features on pop tracks.Today Jennifer Lopez released her video “I’m Into You” with the Lil’ Wayne feature. Even though we’ve seen photos of the two on the video set, Lil’ Wayne is not featured in the final cut. His vocals and verse still remains.

Jennifer Lopez still holds it down by herself, not a surprise. She even gets down with a mini dance sequence with some talented dancers.  The song itself has the potential to be a hit at the club with his dancehall influence and of course the Lil’ Wayne verse. Lil’ Wayne is definitely not opposed to crossing genres, especially with his previous album, Rebirth. This team effort definitely works and is definitely a step in the right direction. Personally I did not enjoy her flop of record with Pitbull, “On The Floor.” Additionally Lil’ Wayne definitely added something this song and just his feature could give Jennifer more airtime.

50 Cent also graced the pop world with a feature as well. He teamed up with Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger in a track “Right There.” Unfortunately for him, this team effort wasn’t too beneficial for him. The song itself is actually pretty good and his verse doesn’t really add anything to it; the same kind of rhymes referring to his sexual game. Nicole could have carried this by herself, just like she carried the Dolls.

I don’t necessarily mind the crossing of genres, as long as these artists never lose touch with their hip hop roots. Watch the J. Lo video below and to listen and download to “Right There,” click on the links below.

Nicole Scherizinger ft 50 Cent “Right There”