Lil Wayne Baby Mama #4 Gets DUI With Kid In The Car

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Lil Wayne Baby Mama #4, a.k.a. R&B singer Nivea, has been busted with a DUI after crashing her car into a tree. Oh yeah…her kid was in the car too. Classy, classy girl.

She admitted she had been drinking at a wedding reception with Lil Wayne Baby Mama #1 (Toya Carter) and Lil Wayne Baby Mama #3 (Lauren London), but she “only” had 3 drinks (she didn’t specify the drink, we could be talking large Long Island iced teas here). Anyway, whatever she was drinking,  she managed to crash into a fallen tree which which was surrounded by yellow caution tape and cones. Reportedly she had “bloodshot, glassy eyes and smelled like alcohol.” Apparently the child was uninjured and handed over to her boyfriend. Wow, you’ve joined a whole new basic b*tch club when you got that mussed-hair-glassy-eyed mugshot swag going on, especially when your kid was involved. Spotted at PH.