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The rappers battle with the production company QD3 which is headed up Quincey Jones’ son, Quincey Jones III to prevent a documentary titled The Carter from hitting screens/stores etc has ended in defeat for Weezy. Wayne sued for fraud and breach of contract after the documentary, which received a great response at this years Sun Dance Film Festival in Utah, was said to show him and his scandalous ways in a negative light, but Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Mink gave the green light to QD3 yesterday in court. This will allow Quincey Jones III the opportunity to go ahead and shop the documentary in order to secure distribution.
The thing which I don’t get is why if you had cameras rolling on you going about your day to day would you then want to withhold footage? You knew they were there, just because they caught you sipping from your styrofoam cup on numerous occasions isn’t that the real you? Or would you rather paint a different picture? Hardly unlikely this documentary is going to be for less than a PG audience and anyone who wants to watch Lil Wayne is going to know what to expect really. Nothing will come as a surprise.