Lil Wayne: “I F*cked Chris Bosh’ Wife”

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Last week, Lil Wayne was allegedly ejected from a Miami Heat game while cheering for the Laker’s Kobe Byrant.  The claim was made via Weezy’s Twitter account although a representative for the Heat denied these accusations, claiming that Wayne made the decision to leave the game on his own.  Now, Wayne is making headlines for badmouthing the team during an All-Star Weekend event, even going as far as making personal attacks against Chris Bosh and other team members.

During a concert this past weekend, Weezy F told a crowd that it was the NBA’s decision to kick him out of the Heat/Lakers game, prompting a call-response chant of “f*ck the NBA” and “f*ck the Heat.”  He then insulted Dwyane Wade, referring to him as “She-Wade.”  Wayne took it one step further by announcing to the venue, “I f*cked Chris Bosh’ wife.”  As of press time, Bosh has not commented on this statement.  Check out the fan-posted video from the event below, courtesy of Worldstar.