Lil Wayne: “Rap Is Taking A Backseat To Skating”

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In a recent interview with DJ Drama, Tunechi claimed that he was “putting rap on the backburner” in favor of skateboarding stating that his fans “deserve some peace.”

I don’t think anyone foresaw skateboarding taking over Weezy’s life including himself:

“I picked up the skateboard and I thought it would be a hobby, but it’s a lifestyle. You have to be fully committed. In order to be fully committed, you have to live that lifestyle. What these young kids say right now, you have to be about that life. I guess I’m about that life.”

We can still expect some new music from Wayne as his Dedication 4 mixtape is in the works. With Weezy slowly fading out of the spotlight, this next project might be Weezy’s “make it or break it” moment. If all goes downhill, Weezy better hope he can make something out of his newfound skateboarding obsession.