Lil Wayne Sells 1 Million

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      Lil Wayne now has official numbers to back up his bragging — the rapper’s new CD has sold a spectacular 1 million copies its first week despite being heavily bootlegged and leaked on the Internet.

      Expectations for "Tha Carter III" were high, and it delivered — selling 423,000 copies in its first day of release.

      This is easily the best selling first week of the year, according to Nielsen SoundScan figures. Even Kanye West’s "The Graduation" didn’t eclipse that mark in its first week last year.


  1. 3 albums and he the best niggas is so quick to hop on this year he the best next year … it doesnt fucking matter whos the best you fucking fools longevity is what counts he can sell all the cds in the world and be broke the next day.

  2. if u really LISTEN to rap then wayne is the best with words ever to be made public.PERIOD..nobody has done it better..and mamasaid u a dumb muthafucka.. before u speak do your research wayne has more then 3 albums..soundscan usual doesnt give u credit for all the Cds u sell..get yo Hip Hop History Up before u speak…….Hatin Bitch!!

  3. come on lil wayne da best rapper well u kno its da drugs look at Ray charles amy winehouse to name a few it make dem sicka but come on styles P is da best all rounded rapper. choose any category he’s top 3

  4. well this is my first comment but i ve been biting my tongue for all ya ll who say 2 pac better than biggie yea right or ya ll superman,batman behind the door dancing ass niggas if u ain t wit scarface,wayne,jay,beans,j.r.,biggie,nem,jadakissor jezzy the door is shut for all ya ll niggas cause everybody else is suspect to all ya ll wayne haters please that nigga has been tight since hotboys he was the best out of cash money then and all the carters went plat and how many niggas right now that has a hit like bm j.r and he was a youngin then give that nigga his respect he ain t going no where deal wit it haters

  5. started off hustlin,ended ballin i m the shit get the fuck out my toilet now who thinks of shit like that but a nigga like wayne hes not the best right now but without jay in the game he is jay betta watch out

  6. and fuck the #s any bullshit rapper with 1 hit can hav #s ya ll know all ya ll doing that supaman bullshit hes not a mc or a rapper give ur money too the beatmaker for that 1 hit but all ya ll on that young nigga nuts that tell me alot bout ya ll taste most of ya ll like anything no taste ass niggas wayne sold on talent,heart,hard work, and timing cause who else is out right now that shit was smart

  7. Wayne has been in this game forever. Its good to see people can still sell records. Niggas need to stop the hate and get in the lab. Stop complaining about shit and get to work. Maybe I shouldnt have said that. Hate is the new love. Hate on haters…..

  8. wow did you really say he only has 3 albums……. think and research before you think. he has been rapping since forever when i was in freshman he was dropping the first hot boys album not to mention the work on previous B,g’s albums and cameos

  9. I want 2 give a shoutout 2 LiL Wayne on his success with his new album the Carter III. He’s been in the game 4 awhile putting it down and now that he’s finally being recognized 4 his craft is great. Keep doin what u do. Niggaz is gon’ hate reguardless thats a haters job.

  10. dumb ass nigga this lil wayne 6th solo album so wtf are u talkin bout mama said dumb fuck plus dat nigga wrote all the big tymers cd’s n he was in a group called “THE HOT BOYS” so hes well qualified dumbass

  11. big up to weezy,he deserve it he been working 4 his respect for a longtime–and any body who say wayne just getting hot listen to his verse on bling bling,or even his solo song on guerilla warfare-
    a milli a million in a week-now thats highly anticipated

  12. me and weezy laughin at u hataz like hahaha!!! damn y yall gotta hate on a nigga he is the best rapper alive it might not be to yall but to him and other people he is shit he don’t wanna title his self to nothing lower than the best

  13. Wow look at the YOUTH thats believing that SWAGGER makes you a GREAT rapper…Skills make a great rapper…Wayne is okay…but not GREAT…he got all these kids to believe that his overexposure makes him the best…come on Wayne doesnt come close to the TOP…its just the truth not hate…get over it

  14. fuck all calling me a hater for having my own opinion I never said the cd was wack hop off his dick the shits cool but look at that game It not that hard to drop a good cd. Yall fans on his dick so much I cant make a statement without somebody callin me a hater. For real For real aint none of these niggas puttin food on my table so fuck um all until real talk me against the world Fucking fans go suck his lollipop

  15. trademark fuck you wayne a fuckin hater he hates on smart rappers like nas and common but dont nobody call him a hater. And to all the niggas talking about he been writing shout out to gillie for real gon do your job you fucking haters. Tell wayne its to late he cant go back and take off the chain.

  16. first o all he hasnt sold more than JAY-Z and in his song JAY-Z says WEEZY is the best because he is through with the gam listen to mr.carter on tha carter 3 and who was coaching LIL WAYNE when the carter 1 came out who gave him his new found swagg and lyrics and all that shit?????HOVA BABY(NO HOMO) BUT STOP ALL THIS HATRED ON THIS BITCH JAY-Z BEEN IN THE GAME SINCE 94 AND HAS OVER 10 PLATNUM ALBUMS!!!!!!! UNTIL WAYNE GETS THAT AND STOP MAKING STUPID MIXTAPES HE WILL BE THE BEST

  17. NOPE no I can say Nas is right HipHOP is dead cmon seriously lollipop can you imagine run dmc having lollipop as a single or jay or krs or how about rakim no never ever ever this shit is not hiphop laffy taffy,lollipop,popsickle who they selling this shit to kids and women fuck outa here Im a grown ass man

  18. honestly, the carter 3 is wack…it only sold a million bc it was highly anticipated. the album is disorganized, has no theme, and lacks structure. i do like lil wayne, but just bc he sold a million copies on this record doesnt place him with the greatest of all time neither is it a milestone. the carter 1 was a great album..but the carter 3 is a combination of sloppy lyrics, poorly thought out concepts, and mediocre beats…lil wayne is wrong for dropping that wack ass album, and he knows. but he also knows that it was going to sell regardless. he is a good businessman, but not the greatest rapper alive.

  19. i juss wanna hear dat good ol hood shit bang bang nigga crack sells robbery muzic das wut niggaz bout in my hood ..q.u. fuck all da bullshit..but it aint surprise me wayne sold 1 mill alot of his fans r homoes..

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