Lil Wayne: The Trap Star Of Riker’s?

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lilwaynemoneySurprise, surprise; with just about two months to go on his bid, allegations are spreading that Lil Wayne is receiving preferential treatment in his cell at Riker’s Island.  According to the Village Voice, The Young Money President who was jailed following the discovery of a handgun outside his tour bus in New York in 2007 is living like a king, free from getting shanked in the yard.  Allegedly Weezy’s visitors bypass security measures which would hypothetically enable them to sneak contraband into the jail complex.  Other accusations include that Riker’s staff members cater food from local restaurants for the rapper and advise him on when his cell will be searched.  In May, Wayne was busted for having a watch that doubles as a MP3 player, headphones, and a cell phone charger, all of which are considered contraband.  According to The Voice, “corrections spokesman Stephen Morello says that Lil Wayne has not been found with any more contraband since the May incident, and that he has no comment about an investigation into preferential treatment and favors for Lil Wayne.”  It’s sort of a no brainer that Weezy would receive special treatment from at least a couple of guards considering that he’s one of Hip Hop’s most recognizable figures and an icon to some.  I wonder if Wayne’s visitors snuck in any tree for him to twist up some Bogie Blunts, or possibly some sizzurp for that ‘chronic cough.’

Lil Wayne “I’m Not A Human Being”

Update: Apparently Brett Favre is saying his prayers for Weezy….Wayne should pray that the old timer doesn’t break a hip out on field, just clownin.          


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