Lil Wayne To Record On Plane Ride Home?

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With only days to go before Lil Wayne is released from his year-long sentence at Riker’s Island, Rolling Stone is reporting that “his team is looking for a plane with studio equipment so he can start cutting tracks while he’s on his way home.”  Birdman explained the motivation behind this, stating, “you can’t keep him out of the studio.”  He went on to say that Wayne hasn’t written down lyrics in nearly ten years and that there’s a new dimension to Wayne’s rapping that he’s going to unleash once he’s back in  the booth.  Wayne’s manager, Cortez Bryant, told Rolling Stone that Wayne’s next album, The Carter IV, will reflect his time in prison. “He’s had time to take everything in from the years leading up to his going in,” said Bryant “We’ve been at such a fast pace, moving, moving, moving, that he’s finally been able to put some things in perspective.


While I respect this bold move, it doesn’t look good on paper, so how could it actually pan out?  Personally, I’m a nervous flyer, so I would be a little out of my comfort zone on that one; but then again, I’m not Wayne and he’s Not A Human Being. Regardless, I would assume that it would be rather expensive to build a studio that could block out the noise of a jet engine or two.  Lil Wayne comes home this Thursday.