Lil Wayne’s Strapped Condems Ad

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Wayne get off the sizzzup.  How can you let this ad run

And in other Wezzy news, check this video out:


  1. Like Jay said, “I take a hot line and make it into a hot song” Think thats what hes doing..I mean seriously just listen to all the new rhymes nowadays, you would always find a line or two from someone else, or even the beats being reused…So I dont see why yall hating on him, maybe coz hes making more money off it than anyone else…

  2. This isn’t anything new. A lot of artist use other artist’s verses,its just the business. Like how Jay-Z used nothing but Biggie verses. Matter of fact Scott Storch had a mixed cd showing everyone all the lines he stole. He went a bit further and played each verse back to back on the same beat. Then Jay-Z came back with that line saying,” When I say a Big verse I’m big upping my brother” you know the rest. This was to show everyone the reason in doing it. The real reason is when they can’t find or think of any new inspiration. They go back to the past. That’s why a lot of artist copyright their material,so no one can come from behind them and rape their music. That’s why smart artist own their publishing rights.

  3. no its called swagger jacking dudes are not origanal but people dont listen they here the beats, the drugs, and the material. The rap has turned into middle and broke class people listening to rich rappers brag about what they have. Fuck how much you spent on your wrist and stop telling me you hot and never show me lames.

  4. and weezy aint wack he just waste to much time on negative shit. The last real verse he spit was on that wyclef track and the verse went perfect wit the track. But he dont wanna make music like that he wanna make drug dealer music wit baby.

  5. it takes a real talent to remember someone elses lines and spit them back
    if that makes u the greatest alive
    then king kong
    ain t got shit on me
    here it goes

    i’m your idol the highest title numero uno
    i’m not a portarican but i’m speak so that you know
    there weezy’s next hit
    and thats not hate it fools like these sucker buying in and cosigning this to para phrase homie hot garbage that gots our music wack ass weak and dyin
    hip hop ain t dead
    but it might have aids
    cause i’m startin to believe theres no cure for this problem

  6. 1st dat ad do look gay. but I have to ask why yall faggott ass niggas lookin so hard. Gay people been here. I dont just stop and be like oh my god. I dont care guess cause a nigga gets pussy. Second the weakest shit you can do is bite off a nigga who dont fuck with you . Jay -z did that with Pac after he died.So git off Waynes dick and quit suckin Jays. Made me speak in this bitch. Dumb ass nigga

  7. nah u gotta give the nigga props tho..i mean he came a looong way, when he was on the hott boyz wayne sucked bear nuts, but now he one of the hottest rappers right now and most consistent, never stickin to the same flow, and madd diverse. but there are times when when be spittin some wack nursery rhyme shit.

  8. I mean a lot of people say Wayne a hoe ass nigga I’m from N.O but listen to the man Wayne a fuckin dog da real hoes is da niggas doin dis shit yall fuckin dumb dicks


  10. ya’ll trippin, niggaz so scared of bein called a homo.and quick to call the next man gay, he aint tryina stick it to you if he is all this talkin but if weezy was round you wouldnt be talkin all that shit dont hate, ole boy came up out some ruff shyt, fuckit if you dont like it it aint for you to like…..

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