Lindsay Calls Obama the “C” Word

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Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan was caught on-camera winding back social progress when Access Hollywood reporter Maria Menounos asked the 22-year-old Barack Obama supporter what she felt on election night.“It was really exciting. It’s…it was such a…It’s an amazing feeling. It’s our first, you know, colored president,”


  1. Big Brother Justice hit it dead on…”we” used to prefer being called colored now shes racist for saying it? EW…YA SO SENSITIVE. He’s not the first MIXED RACE president either…do ya homework.

  2. Actually black ppl back then didnt have a say or preference on what they wanted 2 be called…white ppl would use “Colored” instead of “Nigger” so it wouldn’t be as offensive like a sign that says “no coloreds allowed” ya feel me

  3. I’m Colored, I’m Black and Everyone call me Blak! even My white peeps! So Fall Back yo! We Have a Black President running our country now and he’s not sweatin small comments like this! So if your Colored Stand Up and Pump your FIST w/ Pride like a America people should!! Cause we in the door! Obama got the green light and he has thangs under control! Aigght

    My name is Blak from the boogie down BRONX and I approve this message!!!! one.

  4. She is Trailer Trash, Hollywood Trailer Trash, White Trash, I don’t really care if she was coked up, fucked up, or whatever, she know better. I was fortunate enough to actually see some old Jim Crow signs, Colored is a fucked up term produced by a Caucasian, seperate but equal Goverment, that did nothing as Southern Black people were victims of lynching, hangings, and terrorism (i.e.KKK burning crosses as intimidation). And still purposely Miseducating people supplying, hand me downs to Black Schools. You really wanna know why the ACT and the SAT were racially bias, because White students received updated curriculum first. Our parents received unrevised curriculum. We are not to be down graded by this dumb Bitch, she needs to go back to rehab right next to Amy Wino Winehouse ugly ass. Sad thing about it we allowed a Dyke to get away with it. Fuck Linsay Lohan I hope she gets raped by angry Black prison guards, like Abner Louima, but worst.

  5. How can white people know what black people want to be called when even on the comments here there are mixed opinions? Give her a break…at least she didn’t support McCain

  6. Lindsay, the comment to me was a slight slip of the tounge. Smart mouth on Access can be forgoten right. So he’s colored. The reason he’s pres. is because his bills to better the country were more accepted and the effect of blacks during the last decades has grown the generations to accept the values and just solidified the culture they have have been putting out.

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