LL Cool J “Authentic Hip Hop” (Artwork & Tracklist)

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Uncle L’s 14th album, (that’s right, 1-4) is set to be released on February 12th. Head down bottom to see what he has in store you ya’ll. 

1. “Something About U (FTW)”
2. “Where Ya At (BOSS)”
3. “Take It” feat. Joe
4. “Closer” feat. Monica
5. “Too Late”
6. “New Love”
7. “Dream With Me”
8. “Girl So Bad”
9. “Ratchet”
10. “Bartender Please”
11. “Bath Salt”
12. “Getting Paper”
13. “Jump On It”
14. “Hell Yeah”
15. “Whaddup”

Shoutout to Rap-Up