Lloyd Banks for Sale

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By: Hot Gossip Gal

      Turns out Lloyd Banks is being allowed to leave G Unit after literally begging Fifty to let him leave. Thing is..someone has to buy him out of his contract with G Unit…word on the street is, that someone is Universal. Talk about keeping it in the family.

Diddy attacks with Chair
      Wow well there is just no telling what is going to happen next in Reality TV. Turns out Diddy went to attack his top dancing girl Laurie Ann Gibson with a chair after the two got into a heated argument over the state of the dancing on the next series of MTV’s Making the Band. Laurie can handle herself but when Diddy goes at her with a chair…goddamn no wonder home girl filed a report with NYPD. He needs
to sit his ass down in a chair rather than throwing them.

Fif laughs at Cam
      Well thats not a surprise is it really after the lil show Cam put on the other day. This is exactly what Curtis had to say about Cam’s recent outburst:
  "My whirlpool is bigger than Cam’s swimming pool.  And he shouldn’t be in front of no camera with daisy dukes on." Nothing like a bit of humor to start the day off.


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