Macho Wear Expert: “Jay-Z Makes Men’s Sandals Cool”

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By: Rizoh

      Remember when Cam’ron hauled some bulky insults at Jay-Z for “rockin’ open-toed sandals with jeans”? Well, let’s just say Cam lost again. More men now wear sandals because of high-profile celebs like Jay-Z, according to a report by the Washington Times.

      Genevieve Ascencio, spokeswoman for Frye (manufacturer of macho Western wear) commented that the perception of a man in sandals is changing.

      “It’s not your typical ‘guy in black socks on the beach’ look. It’s a lot cooler now, and people who have a lot of street cred are validating the trend.”

      Citing Def Jam prez Jay-Z, who boldly rocked flip-flops while frolicking on the beach with Beyonce, Ascencio added: “If it’s good enough for Jay-Z, it’s good enough for every man.”


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