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I feel like banging my head against my desk as I type this as I just can’t believe it. So check it, Chris Brown and Rihanna have allegedly been working on a duet together produced by Polow Da Don. The track which they are said to have been recording was written for Rihanna before her and Chris got their Frazier/Ali on but it focuses on sudden changes in a persons life. Now Polow thought the joint would benefit from the couple on it and encouraged them to record it together and so the duo went in and laid out their emotions in the studio…just can’t wait to hear this joint. Would people even go out and buy this joint if it was ever to be released? This whole thing is just becoming a joke, a book, a song, wait and see they will be selling the story as a screenplay in Hollywood real soon.


  1. This is gonna be a hit (no pun intended). Chris and Rihanna, individually, release hits after another. Together, they are a force to reckon with. After that incident, which made rihanna look ugly for the first time, this possible record will break records.

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