Man Arrested for Playing Hip-Hop Music

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By: Rizoh

      It’s not everyday that you hear about a man being arrested for playing hip-hop music too loud. A man was arrested in a New Westminster apartment building after residents alerted the police that he was playing loud hip-hop music for the last two weeks.

      Neighbors complained that the music was especially loud on the night of the arrest. Sure enough, police officers had no problem tracking down the man’s apartment. According to reports, the 34-year old man was asked to turn down the music. He allegedly declined, despite being threatened with charges of public mischief.

      The man was consequently arrested. Peace and order was restored in that neighborhood.


  1. Fu*k that, u can play ur music as loud until a certain time. Unless he played it passed that time then ok but if not do what u do. Being arrested is taking it too far. “Play this in a load residential area” ….ha

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