Man Uses A Stun Gun To Make His Child Tough

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  1. wow man i fuckin hate dis fuck up system
    …on sum no racsist shit .. white people get away wit anything … I BET YOU MY LIFE IF THAT WAS A BLACK GUY HE WOULD HAVE MORE YEARZ OR EVEN LIFE…datz all dey do 2 us is try 2 lock us up but when its white …dey give dem a couple yearz or monthz….FUCK THIS GOVERNMENT SYSTEM..REAL TALK

  2. Thats some bullshit, four years get more than that for for having an unlicensed gun inthe trunk. This white is shocking the shit out of a child and thats all he gets? He lucky he aint black cause they would’ve buried his azz. Isn’t the justice system great…. Fuck No!!!! And on that note, Fuck Bush, but thanks for the Stimulus cash.

  3. I think I might have to call up a Dermatologist to see how much it would cost to bleach my skin so I to can get away with some crazy shit as well. For example, walk into a bank and robbed it and when (if) the cops catch me tell them I didn’t I couldn’t do that. I probably get 2 years probation.

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