Meat Loaf Cops Features From Chuck D & Lil Jon?

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What world are we living in where Meat Loaf is copping features from Chuck D & Lil Jon.  To be honest I’m not mad at this.  Do what you gotta do Loaf!  According to Billboard:

Meat Loaf, who’s returned to Sony Music — which released three of his albums, including 1977’s multi-platinum “Bat Out of Hell”.
First up will be “Hell in a Handbasket,” due out in February (except for Australia and New Zealand) and an album Meat Loaf calls “the most personal record I’ve ever made. It’s about how I feel the world’s gone to hell in a handbasket. It’s really the first record that I’ve ever put out about how I feel about life and how I feel about what’s going on at the moment.” Meat Loaf says the album is finished — no release date has yet been established — and “sounds different,” although he adds that “it’s rock, definitely rock,” produced by Paul Crook, who’s part of his current touring band, with Cavallo consulting.
As for the rappers, Meat Loaf met Lil Jon when the two appeared on “Celebrity Apprentice” this past spring, while Chuck D came through Anthrax’s Scott Ian, who is Meat Loaf’s son-in-law. “(D) was going to do one thing, and he came back and did something else and we flipped out,” Meat Loaf reports.