Mel B Picked a Winner??

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By: Hot Gossip Gal

      Turns out Stephen Belafonte (not his real name and in no way is he related to Harry) is a known baby momma beater. People are already speculating this dude as a money grabber, just as they are Mel B who married this dude in June…secretly of course so as to not upset her child support claims against Eddie I guess. I doubt home boy is going to be around too long but I hope Mel B made him sign a prenup as those Spice Girls are about to get paid when they go on tour later this year.


  1. That is crazy as hell. Why do famous folks do that shit. Girl you just got out of a bad thing with eddie. And had a child. Don’t you think your body needs a little rest. And they ass are to grown to be keeping up with the JONES! In the words of his brother….WE CAN DO BETTER!!!

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