Michael Jackson Sings Chris Brown’s Praise

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By: Rizoh

      If you know anything about R&B teen sensation Chris Brown, you may have noticed his Michael Jackson influence. Brown, who stole the show at the recently concluded MTV Video Music Awards, has earned the adoration of his idol. Jackson released a statement, according to Access Hollywood, saying that he enjoyed Brown’s performance.

“Chris is a bright and shining star whom I enjoy watching perform,” Jackson said. “I am happy to have had a positive influence on him.” Brown did a brief spot on MJ’s “Billie Jean.”


      “Nobody likes to be reminded that they’re getting older,” said Justin Timberlake of the 18 year-old singer’s VMA performance. “And whatever Chris Brown just did reminded me of how I’m getting older—cause damn. It’s just exciting to see.”


      On a related note, Chris Brown has been picked by Music Choice as Artist of the Month. His new album, Exclusive, is slated to hit shelves on November 6.


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