Mike Jones…What?

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By: Hot Gossip Gal

      Oh man someone is really trying to discredit my boy. A tape was floating around the internet, you know the special kind that Ray J and Kim starred in and it was supposed to star Mike. Like he stated on the record the dude in the flick had no tattoos and Mike has plenty of those and really Mike don’t get down like that. But in reality, why would anyone think that people would want to watch this…isn’t it the
chicks that are the leading ladies in these flicks? I just don’t see people commenting on Mike’s skills in the bedroom like they would in the studio. Pointless and so unnecessary.whoever put that shit out should be ashamed of themselves.

America’s Most Bi Top Model

      She has been linked to Kimora and after grabbing Rosie O Donnells (yuk) breast on The View the other day, perhaps there is some truth in the fact that the ‘forehead’ is playing on both teams. But why anyone would want to grab a hold of Rosie O Donnell is one of those things I try not to dwell on.